Lincoln Square Nursery and Preschool acknowledges the vital role nutrition plays in early childhood development. Nutrition is linked to all aspects of growth and development, and children ages 5 years and younger are experiencing their most rapid rate of overall development – cognitive, physical, motor skills, memory, attention, social, emotional, and linguistic.

To best support our students’ nutritional needs, we provide well-balanced and nutrient-rich meals and snacks – and we meet or exceed USDA and DCFS guidelines and regulations for nutrition.

All meals and snacks are prepared on-site, using the finest organic and non-organic ingredients, free-range meat and dairy, and organic milk.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Lincoln Square
Daycare Preschool Nutrition Menu Chicago

Energy and Nutrient-Rich Meal Plan

Our daily menu plans vary, but our students are served a nutritious breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Each meal and snack is designed to be energy and nutrient-rich, and contains a well-balanced selection of child-friendly foods.

LSNP believes that the early health and nutrition habits your child develops in their preschool years will carry over into adulthood. To support your goal for health and well-being, we introduce children to a healthy selection of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy.

*All meals and snacks are served in accordance with your child’s dietary restrictions or food allergies.